Approval process - steps for completing an approval

This guide continues from Approval process - create template and assign to feature. We will use our approval template on some observations.

Now we need to add some observations to our feature to start approving and denying.

After we have done that we can right click the observation, click approval and set as ready. Generally, this would mean that the person who has imported or entered the value is satisfied wit the value.

Please see for more details about the different stages about an approval process.

When we mark the observations as Ready, it turns blue. Lets mark another one as ready, two get two blue rows.

By shift or ctrl clicking we can the start the approval process for both observations.

The observations turn yellow, and the approval is displayed in the My approval window of the user doing the approval.

If we right click the box with the to be approved observation we can choose to approve or deny the observations. Prior to do that, we should probably show the observations.

If we then approve the obersvations they will turn green. If we deny them they will turn red.

Here's a full list of the different approval statuses and their corresponding color. We can only edit observations with status "In Progress" which are beige. For a full list of approval status and their respective colors see

If you have multiple approvals to approve, you can shift or ctrl click to do multiple approvals at once.

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