Calculate ground water level based on pore pressure

The water level can be calculated based on the pore pressure. That calculation uses the bottom level of the pipe and the angle of the pipe, in combination with the pore pressure. As seen here:

/* Definition from Trafikverket
* pore pressure level =(pore pressure+0,2∙sin⁡〖((90-dip of the pipe)∙π/180)∙9,82+bottom level of the pipe〗 )
* Pore pressure is measured in the unit kPa.
* Dip of the pipe describes how tilted the pipe is and is measured from the vertical plane and varies between zero and 90 degrees (it is zero degrees when the pipe is vertical)
* The bottom level of the pipe is measured in meter over the reference level*/
calculatedLevel = porePressureValue.Value + (0.2 * Math.Sin(AngleConverter.DegreeToRadian(90 - dipValue.Value)) * 9.82) + bottomLevelOfPipe.Value;

Import or enter a new observation with only pore pressure:

Execute an existing job or create a new one.

If executed successfully then we should have our water level. Below is the log.

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