Autostart approval workflow

Available in v1.56 and onward.

To autostart an approval workflow we need to create a group with an approval template and then import the features into that group. This article will show you how.

Create a group feature.Click Feature Directives and then Add approval template assignment.

Applicability needs to be set for Members features or This feature and member features. Of course, the checkbox autostart observation approval is needed. There's also a setting needed in the import, which we will come back to.

Here's part of our import, what's important for this tutorial is the "Edit mode setting" that needs to be set to "Set new observations as ready".

The process here is that the import sets the observations to ready, then the feature get added to the group and inherits the approval template assignment which autostarts the approval workflow.

Now when we execute our import template, our observations should be pending approval, be set to yellow and we should have the My Approvals list populated.

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