Add production data

Here's our tunnel axis from a previous tutorial, Visualise a center line, axis, on the map. Lets add some production data to it! Later down in the tutorial, we will graphically visualize these values on the map.

First we need to add a production feature type, such as grouting. Some feature types can only belong to an axis, as below. We also need to specify the reference system. Choose a feature name and click create.

After the feature is created we can add some data. The spatial data is on this kind of feature type is not coordinates, but start and stop points along an axis or chainage. In this example the grouting goes from start offset of 60 and stops at 90. The blue fields are calculated fields. We will use Nettonmängd later on. Enter som data and save.

Open your map with the axis. Click add layer and Observation property - shape.

When adding an observation property - form, we first need to specify what feature type that should be added. We do this on the right hand side of the map. While there, we can configure a few other things regarding how data should be displayed. Then we will add the feature and click execute:

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